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Christos Nouskas nous at artixlinux.org
Thu Jun 20 16:54:47 EEST 2019

Hello, everybody!

1. If anyone wants to slander Artix based on the way its devs and support staff handle situations or because of the posts of a random, unknown user (in its Off-Topic subforum of all things), feel free. But then, please switch to Debian [0] or join your nearest CoC team, it should be more accomodating.

2. Thanks to Rick Moen [1] for voicing his opinion like a civilized man and not some butthurt koala.

3. Fungi4All was the first one to pour oil into the fire [forum posts now deleted, oh well], yet he demands punishment, accuses moderators of collaboration [2] and bids his farewell. Well, be happy wherever you go, I'm sad to watch you go.

4-1. Freedom of speech either is or isn't, period. Unfortunately, this being a technical community, we kindly ask our users to refrain from opening political topics, or driving existing ones to such direction. Once we feel some things have gone over the top, the team discusses it and intervenes. Nothing more, nothing less - there's no hidden agenda here.

4-2. It's funny that some people demand others' opinions to be suppressed, because they consider their own to be the only ones entitled to be heard. That's the exact same of fascism they believe they're opposed to. On this ground, I truly regret we deleted some posts, because it also hides the fact that the Artix team had a clear opinion on those posts and was about to lock the thread. This shall be discussed further at our convenience to decide whether we restore the thread or not.

5. This is a free-time project. This means that most of the team lives a real life and whenever they get a few spare minutes, and provided they're not exhausted, they try to tend to issues, package stuff, engineer ISOs, have a look at some server's logs. They're not pressing F5 every 2 minutes on the forum to catch any "inappropriate" posts.

6. No-frakking-one shall dictate how Artix is run, unless they seriously contribute to it. Arch does this for years and I don't see many people whining. The members of the Artix team may have got their own political views, they express their opinions, they generally agree (or not). But that's one other thing and we don't run Artix to promote our political views or allow them to reflect on the quality and technical merit of the project. Unless it's about systemd, of course.

7. Artix was started by people whose grandfathers were at each other's throats 80 years ago. Now it's the best darn Linux distro in the world. Learn from it.

This list is now in emergency moderation mode until 
further notice and all posts will have to be approved.

[0] https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Debian-AH-Archive-Removal
[1] https://lists.artixlinux.org/archives/artix-general/2019-June/000179.html
[2] https://lists.artixlinux.org/archives/artix-general/2019-June/000180.html

Christos Nouskas
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