[artix-general] how about killing the anti-semetic BS on the forum about now

Fungi4All fungilife at protonmail.com
Mon Jun 17 13:26:21 EEST 2019

I disagree, and this is why:

Artix can't be characterized by the views of its users presented in a forum, especially in the "off-topic/playground" section.  Artix should also not be perceived as "the owner" of posts placed in the forum.  Once a public discussion has already taken place it is one thing to lock it, and it is a very different thing to remove the content and even worse to be selective of what to remove and what not to.

What we had here is a "classic" NSA troll in a public forum, that would lure discussion till somebody reacts, push the limits of patience and tolerance of participants to provide "the excuse" of moderators to react and formulate new rules of the limits of freedom within a public forum.  Then "the butcher" moderator comes in as a common "for hire" law enforcer.

What is the effect?  All evidence of this fascist NSA troll, including positions and writing style, have vanished, the troll can continue its work and hop from forum to forum (not just open system related) and sterilize all public discussion so both fascism and anti-fascism has vanished from the public sphere.  Politics is reduced to a side hobby for the experts of that hobby, and it is now not central to all public/social life.  It is a hobby for extremists.

The moderator in effect becomes subservient and a collaborator to the NSA paid troll.

There are three things that characterize a fascist.  "Racism", of all sorts (gender, religion, nationality, race, sexual affiliation), anti-communism, and anti-semitism.  There is one thing that separates a Nazi from a neo-Nazi, the later tries to shake off its anti-human history and restart with a clean wrapper.  Guess whose day that makes to prevent the "few" outspoken anti-fascists from ever speaking again?

It may be partially my responsibility of underestimating this troll, provide food for it to hatch (because we are talking of snakes, GMO forms of snakes, not the good little natural ones) and allow it to display its hatred.  What do you do?  Pretend we are all fine, the phenomenon doesn't exist.  It does exist and the path followed here (and most other public forums) is to prevent people from realizing the danger and when it is they will be beaten.  Because the snakes are multiplying and WILL BITE AGAIN.

The moderator (which I once was in this forum and resigned due to how other moderators operated, single-handedly without any attempt to discuss with fellow moderators) in this case, to me, appears as an NSA collaborator if not an agent himself, and should have had the guts to come and say "I deleted certain posts that  I see unfit for public view.".  "It is my own ground, anything in this forum is my property, I can allow it and I can destroy it anytime I want without notice".

The same person did not "ban" an outspoken neo-nazi.  This now characterizes Artix!

This "neutralized" and "sterilized" forum now has no barriers for fascists to participate and enjoy the fruits of shared collaborative work.  Fascists are free and equal.  And so are the NSA trolls to tickle them and "like" their input.

I have no place in such a "make pretend public forum, NSA playground"

Enjoy your sterilized artificial fresh environment.  This is what happened to Debian long ago and the project was "bitten".

I stand behind Ruben, and his family, as extended family, whether he likes it or not, it is my fight as well.  Helmet on and club ready!  Anyday Ruben calls, I'll be there!

Schpankme is still an active Artix Forum user!

Have a nice forum and wear high leather boots, there is no antidote for this venom.

On Monday, June 17, 2019 3:34 AM, Rick Moen via artix-general <artix-general at artixlinux.org> wrote:

> Quoting Ruben Safir via artix-general (artix-general at artixlinux.org):
> > how about killing the anti-semetic BS on the forum about now
> Hello, Chris and Artoo. Chris might recall that I'm a friendly outsider
> of Artix who normally lurks[1] and is a friend of Ruben's. I'm speaking
> up again (but will not pursue the matter past this current post) to
> say that IMO Ruben has a point, and to respectfully suggest that
> SGOrava's partial deletion and thread-locking was insuffiient. IMO, all
> posts to that thread after the initial one by package administrator
> Nadir should also be expunged, otherwise the problmatic comments by the
> main respondent will coninue to draw attention and cause problems for
> Artix Linux. (I'll not contribute to the problem by linking to the
> thread.)
> Again, I'll not be pursuing this suggestion any further, and I make this
> suggestion with the greatest respect and best wishes for the project.

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