[artix-general] how about killing the anti-semetic BS on the forum about now

physkets physkets at artixlinux.org
Mon Jun 17 14:05:07 EEST 2019

On Mon, 2019-06-17 at 10:26 +0000, Fungi4All via artix-general wrote:

I do agree with quite a bit of what you wrote, about how such trolling can be
used to subvert the climate of a forum to one of mistrust. We do need to be
vigilant of that. But not at the cost of imposing our own views on others.

> The moderator (which I once was in this forum and resigned due to how other
> moderators operated, single-handedly without any attempt to discuss with
> fellow moderators) in this case, to me, appears as an NSA collaborator if
> not an agent himself, and should have had the guts to come and say "I
> deleted certain posts that  I see unfit for public view.".  "It is my own
> ground, anything in this forum is my property, I can allow it and I can
> destroy it anytime I want without notice".

We did have a discussion about the issue over IRC, and issued warnings to both
parties involved, for their behaviour. We also had to remove some content
based on the (il)legality of it in the country in which Artix servers are

> The same person did not "ban" an outspoken neo-nazi.  This now characterizes
> Artix!

In your own words, at the begining of your email, this does not. A person is
entitled to their views, and as I said, warnings have been issued. A repeat
offence will result in stricter action.

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