[artix-general] how about killing the anti-semetic BS on the forum about now

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Mon Jun 17 03:34:06 EEST 2019

Quoting Ruben Safir via artix-general (artix-general at artixlinux.org):

> how about killing the anti-semetic BS on the forum about now

Hello, Chris and Artoo.  Chris might recall that I'm a friendly outsider
of Artix who normally lurks[1] and is a friend of Ruben's.  I'm speaking
up again (but will _not_ pursue the matter past this current post) to
say that IMO Ruben has a point, and to respectfully suggest  that
SGOrava's partial deletion and thread-locking was insuffiient.  IMO, all
posts to that thread after the initial one by package administrator
Nadir should also be expunged, otherwise the problmatic comments by the
main respondent will coninue to draw attention and cause problems for
Artix Linux.  (I'll not contribute to the problem by linking to the

Again, I'll not be pursuing this suggestion any further, and I make this
suggestion with the greatest respect and best wishes for the project.


Cheers,              "I am a member of a civilization (IAAMOAC).  Step back
Rick Moen            from anger.  Study how awful our ancestors had it, yet
rick at linuxmafia.com  they struggled to get you here.  Repay them by appreciating
McQ! (4x80)          the civilization you inherited."           -- David Brin

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