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On 9/30/20 7:06 PM, Javier via artix-general wrote:
> On 9/30/20 6:41 PM, Dudemanguy via artix-general wrote:
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BTW, I actually found another definite fix, but unfortunately doesn't fix the S6 issue, :(.  It consist on removing the wpa_supplicant service from the default bundle (or the bundle it was added to), and instead using the dhcpcd hook for wpa_supplicant:


This way, at least S6 wise, I can shut the dhcpcd service down, without hanging, and now I can poweroff/reboot the laptop, without hanging either.  And as the service doesn't hang on shut down, now if there's another upgrade requiring dhcpcd to shut down, the upgrade won't hang either.

I'd love to get back to use the wpa_supplicant service, when there's better light on the issue (it might be some settings of mine, which I shared, but I couldn't tell).  Meanwhile, the dchpcd hook seems robut enough.

Thanks a lot !


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