[artix-general] [s6] lvm2-s6 upgrade "from 20201130-1 to 20210205-1" breaks system

Javier je-vv at e.email
Sat Feb 13 07:42:02 CET 2021

On 2/12/21 4:03 PM, Kian Kasad via artix-general wrote:
> We just chatted on the IRC channel about this, but I'm posting here so
> everyone else (really just Javier) can see too. I installed lvm2-s6 and
> s6-scripts from [gremlins] and everything works fine. I've only been
> using them for ~10 minutes, but all of the boot-up problems have been
> solved. I haven't noticed any regressions.
> For reference, I'm using ext4 on lvm on a LUKS partition.
> --
> Kian Kasad
> PGP 0x1715EEAA14DAEC1

I left using LVM on LUKS, and I'm using plain block LUKS encryption, since I wasn't gaining anything with LVM (I don't do snapshots and I have no room to be resizing volumes either).  So the additional SW layer introduced by LVM is something I don't need).  But I still keep lvm2-s6 in case I get to open other HDs/SSDs requiring LVM support...

Thanks for testing Kian.  It's working for me too, :)


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