[artix-general] [atix-general][s6] dhcpcd upgrade from yesterday (9.2.0-1 -> 9.3.1-1) breaks network connectivity

Javier je-vv at e.email
Fri Oct 30 06:58:07 CET 2020

>>> Another workaround is to avoid upgrading dhcpcd until getting the fix.  I already have:
>>>> % 'grep' '^IgnorePkg' /etc/pacman.conf 
>>>> IgnorePkg   = dhcpcd
>> I think this is a much better solution.
>>> I suppose in both cases we're waiting for the fix, :)
>>> I'm wondering if it's a good idea to have the s6 logger and another one both working...  Perhaps preventing the dhcpcd upgrade is safest?
>>> -- 
>>> Javier
>> --
>> Kian Kasad
> Fine with me.  But I'm missing a way to know when I should stop preventing dhcpcd to upgrade.  Meaning when there's a dhcpcd version/release that works for s6 and/or runit...
> Also, is there a bug/defect I can subscribe to, so I keep track of it?  Usually bugs/defects don't give a hint about releases with the fix, so that's sort of parallel to what I mentioned 1st...
> Thanks !

For the 1st concern about when stop preventing dhcpcd to upgrade, perhaps an announcement on this mailing list would work, :)  AFAIK, there's no announcement mailing list, so sending the announcement through this list will definitely be helpful.

Thanks !


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