[artix-general] how to create distcc-runit package

Dudemanguy dudemanguy at artixlinux.org
Wed Jul 8 02:08:39 CEST 2020

Well a PKGBUILD would be nicer, but I can get konimex to look at this 
when he has some time. Thanks!

On 7/5/20 5:35 PM, Kian Kasad via artix-general wrote:
> I've created a runit service script for distcc. I'd like to make it into
> a distcc-runit package, but I don't know how. I asked on the IRC
> channel, and I was told to post here. I've attached a tarball of the
> files. It can be extracted/installed by running the following command as
> root:
> tar xpvJf distcc-runit.tar.xz -C /

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