[artix-general] Mailman's DMARC mitigation (was: how about killing the anti-semitic BS on the forum about now)

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Tue Jun 18 19:54:20 EEST 2019

Quoting Alexander Jenisch via artix-general (artix-general at artixlinux.org):

> And now he's doxxing me.

As a point of information, if you're talking about Fungi4All citing your
correct e-mail address (and/or country), then please be advised that
that exact data is already publicly stated in your own posts.  True,
Mailman 'munges' your address out of the From: header (substituting
'Alexander Jenisch via artix-general <artix-general at artixlinux.org>'),
because the listadmins have enabled Mailman's recommended DMARC
mitigation, but while doing so Mailman also preserves your genuine
(original) posting address in a Reply-To header.

So, Fungi4All didn't suddenly reveal your personal e-mail address (nor
the fact that it's in Austria).  Those data are already public in your
own postings.

(Just trying to help.  I'm familiar with the ways Mailman attempts to
cope with difficulties posed by some sending domains' strongly asserted
DMARC policies, because I'm a Mailman listadmin elsewhere.)

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