[artix-general] [s6] random boot error -> setfont: ERROR kdfontop.c:232 put_font_kdfontop: ioctl(KDFONTOP): Input/output error

Kian Kasad kian at kasad.com
Tue Feb 16 03:51:55 CET 2021

On 21/02/15 07:55PM, Javier wrote:
> On 2/15/21 8:34 AM, Dudemanguy wrote:
> > On 2/15/21 12:41 AM, Javier wrote:
> > > Do I need rebuilding the DB?
> > 
> > Yup. Thanks for testing!
> I tried powering off and booting, as well as rebooting, in total, like 25 times, 10 on the HP laptop and the rest on different mintbox2 boxes, and it seems the dependency was the missing thing, :)  The failure is random, so can't guarantee, but it looks like it.
> @Dudemanguy, perhaps you can release:
> > % cat /etc/s6/sv/console-setup/dependencies early-getty-down
> Not sure why this started to be noticeable only after the last upgrade of S6 stuff, but the added dependency seems to do the magic.

I wonder why this problem happens at all. I'm not quite good enough at
debugging syscalls to understand why the ioctl(2) call fails. I did an
strace(1) on agetty(8) and it doesn't call vhangup(2) at all, so it
likely isn't an issue with the terminal being hung up. And since it only
happens sometimes, it seems like it might be a race condition between
setfont(1) and agetty(8).

This is a good excuse to learn how to debug/step through kernel code,
though, so I might try to do that just for fun.

Kian Kasad
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