[artix-general] [s6] random boot error -> setfont: ERROR kdfontop.c:232 put_font_kdfontop: ioctl(KDFONTOP): Input/output error

Javier je-vv at e.email
Mon Feb 15 07:41:48 CET 2021

On 2/14/21 10:28 PM, Dudemanguy wrote:
> On 2/14/21 8:25 PM, Javier wrote:
>> It seems it fails on "setfont ter-v22n -C /dev/tty1", but I actually executed all of them by hand without error, so I couldn't reproduce it by hand::
> Late to this whole discussion, but it sounds like to me that
> console-setup just needs a dependency on early-getty-down.

I guess I can test as root:

echo "early-getty-down" > /etc/s6/sv/console-setup/dependencies

And test.  Do I need rebuilding the DB?

I'll have to try it when having some time later though.

Thanks !


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