[artix-general] Read-only filesystem after switching inits

Dudemanguy dudemanguy at artixlinux.org
Sun Oct 25 15:38:52 CET 2020

I'm not sure why it would do that. Remounting the root as read/write
should work. I should probably add that oneshot to s6-scripts anyway.

On 10/24/20 10:38 PM, Kian Kasad via artix-general wrote:
> I switched my init system from runit to s6 and my root filesystem is 
> mounting as read-only. I don't have the kernel command line option `ro`, 
> instead I've added `rw`.
> My setup has the root partition on top of LVM on top of LUKS. It's being 
> decrypted fine, but will only mount as read-only.
> Does anyone know why this is and how I can fix it?
> - Kian Kasad

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