[artix-general] smtpd segfault error 4 in libevent-2.1.so.7.0.1

epektasis rptnix at amerytel.net
Tue Oct 20 17:05:10 CEST 2020

Hello.  Seeing the following error in /var/log/messages.log

kernel: smtpd[2219]: segfault at 1b0 ip 00007fea7fd3840b sp 00007ffda35b9030\
error 4 in libevent-2.1.so.7.0.1[7fea7fd24000+39000]

This has been in the logs since late last month and I only now noticed it.
Libevent was updated by pacman on September 21st to version 2.1.12-1.  The
file /usr/lib/libevent-2.1.so.7.0.1 exists.  Opensmtpd version is 6.7.1p1-6.
The kernel version is 5.9.1-artix1-1.

What is error 4 in libevent?   Any helpful suggestions welcome.

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