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Tue Oct 20 14:05:41 CEST 2020

Thanks for the PKGBUILD, I recommend that you upload it to the AUR.

However we won't add it to Artix's repos. The reason is that ly is not a package in arch or artix repos. It is only in the AUR. We don't support the AUR and we don't add init scripts for things that are in the AUR. We only add init scripts for things that are in the artix/arch repos.

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On Oct 19, 2020, 11:58 PM, at 11:58 PM, Kian Kasad via artix-general <artix-general at artixlinux.org> wrote:
>I just started using the ly TUI display manager so I created service
>scripts for runit. PKGBUILD is below and all required files are in an
>attached tarball.
>I couldn't figure out what I should put for URL so I left that blank.
>- Kian Kasad
># Maintainer: Kian Kasad <kian at kasad.com>
>pkgdesc="runit service scripts for ly"
>        'ly.conf'
>        'ly.finish')
>     '3fad07e85d2154f06a049c3066e627e376794c307916662d973997d38841bc78'
>    'cc27bfd1c9da1fe152a99f90aad97eac07da4c8a6ffa599f32e85874d64cdfe7')
>package() {
>    cd "$srcdir"
>    install -TDm644 ly.conf "$pkgdir/etc/runit/sv/ly/conf"
>    install -TDm755 ly.run "$pkgdir/etc/runit/sv/ly/run"
>    install -TDm755 ly.finish "$pkgdir/etc/runit/sv/ly/finish"
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