[artix-general] Newcomer - a couple of questions

jerome moliere jerome at javaxpert.com
Tue Jul 28 10:46:19 CEST 2020

this distro sounds really exciting after a long time with debian....
I am tired of systemd tricks and artix seems the right choice....
However I am missing a couple of softwares, can you point to a way to
install them:
- brave browser (Availlable in Arch)
- I missed a couple of tools used to develop on small ARM MCUs, MCUXpresso
IDE 9available in Arch AUR)
- wps linux office suite

Is there a way to install them inside Artix ?

Is there a slimming guide on Artix/Arch ?
On my previous install with my  System 76 Lemur Pro, system starts with
Are the system76 tools available , I did not check when the distro was
installed (there is a manjaro now but it is bloated and some softwares  do
not work (Hp-LIP cannot recognize my scanner working perfectly with Artix)

Thanks for your help
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