[artix-general] Is console autologin possible to start X automatically on Artix?

Ruben Safir ruben at mrbrklyn.com
Sun Jun 2 03:39:34 EEST 2019

On Fri, May 31, 2019 at 10:23:42PM -0600, Javier via artix-general wrote:
> On 5/31/19 5:21 PM, Ruben Safir via artix-general wrote:
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> > starting X is an issue with permisions.  The default expects X to launch
> > from systemd
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> > On Wed, May 29, 2019 at 10:02:47AM +0000, Fungi4All via artix-general wrote:
> >> I am not very sure what you are referring to.  You want to login at tty and have the wm/desktop open up right away, you don't want to see the tty and have a DM show you a login screen or you want to boot and go straight into the DE without any login involved?  The last is what you commonly find on a live image.  Since it works on MATE-OpenRC  iso it should be able to work on an installed system as well.
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> Thak you all.  I made my mind I really don't need autologin.  It's enough if the init always finishes on VT1, and I can auto-start X there.  I have no clue if openRC always start on VT1, but it seems systemd on Arch does, though not sure if because of this available by default on Arch, but I bet there might be a way to ensure that if not.

actualy not.  getty processes are launches from councolekit thingie

> Thanks !
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