[artix-general] OpenRC 0.35

Chris Cromer cromer at artixlinux.org
Thu Mar 1 18:34:16 EET 2018

OpenRC 0.35 is here and now in our testing repos. This version has had 
many major changes to the code such as forced deptree update during 
sysinit runlevel, Bash and ZSH completions included in upstream, cgroups 
mount changes, string memory management changes, and changes to 
openrc-init. The list of changes are much larger and can be seen here:


Please be aware that some of the changes are very major and could cause 
the system to be unbootable. If you don't know how to recover from an 
unbootable system, do not install 0.35 while it is still in the testing 

The bash completions are in the package "openrc-bash-completions" and 
zsh are in "openrc-zsh-completions".

If you guys encounter any problems, errors, or issues, please let us 
know so that we can look into it.

Chris Cromer
Artix Linux Developer

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