[artix-announce] zstd mkinitcpio images

Chris Cromer cromer at artixlinux.org
Sat Feb 20 01:26:37 CET 2021

Artix now has all of its kernels at version 5.10 or higher which
supports zstd compression. Starting with version 30 of mkinitcpio which
is in our testing repo zstd will become the default compression instead
of gzip. If you are using a kernel version older than 5.9, manual
intervention is necessary after you install mkinitcpio 30. The
mkinitcpio.conf needs to be modified and compression changed to gzip.
Failure to do this will make mkinitcpio image for artix unbootable.

zstd decompression is theoretically faster than gzip. So the benefit of
this change should be a slightly faster boot process when the initramfs
image is decompressed. zstd compression ratios are similar to gzip so
the images should not increase much in size if at all.

Chris Cromer
Artix Developer
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